Juneau Headlines

One of One Prototype 1971 Boss 302

Most prototypes never make their way into private hands. This one did. "It's odd to me that [Ford] would bother to go through all that kind of work and not just crush the car," Kevin Marti told us.


Wisconsin Headlines

Foxconn says DNR has approved air permits

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has approved four air permits for the Foxconn Technology Group campus in the southeast corner of the state, despite objections that the massive plant will increase smog emissions. Foxconn says in a press release Tuesday that it is committed to minimizing negative environmental effects from its factory that is to construct liquid crystal flat-screen panels.

14 summer outdoor dining experiences

Farm-to-table dining holds more meaning when you're seated near the source of the food on your plate. That's the idea behind many outdoor dining experiences, often hosted at the farm where the tomatoes in your dish first ripened on the vine.

Billings picked as economic growth champion by WEDA

La Crosse Democratic state rep. Jill Billings is known for her legislative leadership on issues like sex trafficking and the opioid epidemic.