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Dodge County Headlines

Beaver Dam apartment building to be burned down; 15 families will loss everything

One week after a deadly explosion at an apartment complex in Beaver Dam, federal and local authorities are getting ready to burn down the building. The explosion at the Village Glen Apartments left one man dead.

Residents will lose all keepsakes as apartment building set to be torched

Roughly 30 people, 15 families, who once lived in a Beaver Dam apartment building that blew up March 5 will soon be homeless. Authorities say they have no other choice than to burn the building down.

Beaver Dam families to lose belongings in controlled burn at apartment

More than a dozen families in Dodge County will lose their belongings in a controlled burn of an apartment building. Action 2 News has followed this story since an explosion last week at the Village Glen apartments in Beaver Dam killed a man.


Wisconsin Headlines

Walker calls special session on school safety

"No child, parent, or teacher should ever have to feel unsafe in school," Walker said. "This package of bills focuses on ways we can help schools be safe, just like we did at the federal level ensuring that every airport and airplane were safe after 9/11.


Wisconsin DNR conservation wardens Jon Scharbarth and Matthew Meade present 'A Day in the Life of a Conservation Warden' to participants at the Wisconsin DNR warden career day on Saturday, March 3. For the fifth year in a row, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources hosted a Conservation Warden Career Day, this year being the first time the event came to the Northern Highlands region of Wisconsin. Friday, March 9, 2018 The North Central Wisconsin Woodland Owners' Association Conference was held in Wausau last Saturday.

Rock River Valley Carvers create art from cutting, burning wood

Tom Kautz of Milton, left, and Gerald Lesch of Clinton work together to carve a life-size Baltimore oriole at the Janesville Senior Center. The two men are members of the Rock River Valley Carvers of Wisconsin, which offers informational sessions to those interested in learning more about the hobby.

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